10 Grooming Tips That Will Save Your Skin

London - April 14, 2016 - (Newswire.com)

With summer fast approaching, you’ll be inevitably keen to look your very best.  From summer evening drinks, BBQ’s and beyond, the last thing you’ll want is your skin holding you back.  To make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve enlisted the help of men’s grooming guru Alex Dalley, who will run the rule over 10 core men’s skin care tips, helping you on your way to complexion domination.  So Alex, it’s over to you!

Thank you guys, and firstly let me introduce myself.  As the founder of British born MMUK MAN, a luxury male cosmetic line and having over five years’ experience within the male beauty industry, I feel compelled to share with you some very important messages, when It comes to making sure your skin stays up to scratch, so here it goes.

Tip 1:  Combining your standard daily moisturiser with a sun screen or block is just not the way to go gentlemen.  On top of the fact your face will appear shiny and clogged, you’re not really giving your skin the chance to breathe.  Instead, a good choice in the summer months in particular is to choose a men’s face moisturiser that contains SPF of fifteen or over.  These two in one face care products will guarantee your skin remains moisturized and correctly protected.

Tip 2:  Remember to exfoliate once a day.  There’s no end to the benefits your skin receives with regular exfoliation, including the biggest, an unclogged and debris free epidermis.  Choose a good quality face scrub and use morning or night and your skin will begin to look fresher, alive and more importantly, clean!

Tip 3:  Some of the biggest strides you can take need not cost you the earth.  The anti-oxidant power of cucumber can be harnessed by resting two slices on your eyes for 15-20 minutes a couple of times a week, guaranteeing rejuvenation and refreshment, as well as being a very relaxing at home remedy.

Tip 4:  This is the one that most guys fail on and that is drink plenty of water!  A recent study illustrated the effects of dehydration on the skin over a sustained period of time and the results were nothing short of shocking.  Get your H20 on board now gents and welcome the summer months in with more supple and younger looking skin.

Tip 5:  Invest in a good quality concealer for men.  Most guys baulk at the thought of wearing make-up, but with more and more men Blending it like Beckham, covering up those facial blemishes has never been less frowned upon.  Taking a little touch up from the grooming gods in the form of a concealer might just prove to be your best ever move and if you can cover up all those confidence crippling imperfections along the way, then why not?

Tip 6:  Maintain a good beard and eyebrows.  Keeping your beard and brows in shape can lead to a whole host of bathroom benefits, least not, it can make you more attractive to the opposite sex.  Studies have recently showed that a well-kept man is very much hot property in a woman’s world nowadays and a weekly visit to your barbershop should never go a miss!

Tip 7:  Exercise is a massive factor in the health and refreshment of your skin.  Regular workouts promote the natural clearing out of the pores through sweat and as a result, lead to higher skin cell turnover, meaning hitting that treadmill will do much more for you than just help your ticker.

Tip 8:  Avoid Deliveroo!  Takeaway junkies are much more prone to the onset of facial blemishes and whilst the odd greasy treat is nice, regular naughty food will inevitably leave your skin playing catch up.  Try and work fresh meat, fish and vegetables into your diet and long may you reap the rewards.

Tip 9:  Get some valuable shut eye.  That’s right, sleeping more than seven hours a night will not only give you massive mental gains, but will give your skin the chance to relax and recover.  Sleep deprivation, leads to stress and tiredness, two massive factors where your skin will definitely blow your cover.

Tip 10:  Choose a good eye cream.  Battling dark circles and bags alone?  Don’t fight a losing battle and instead pick up a good quality eye cream.  There are plenty of gel’s out there that soothe and nourish this delicate part of your face, leading to a more younger looking complexion and you occasionally being able to cheat things a little on those painful Monday morning commutes.

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