Reach Out Recovery Lifts Addiction Stigma

Changes in the addiction recovery field have inspired Reach Out Recovery (ROR), a 501c3 nonprofit, to use clever, informative videos and a comprehensive recovery platform to provide real answers and daily inspiration and support for the120 million people impacted by addiction. For National Recovery Month ROR has launched a Did You Know” video series featuring one new crucial drug fact every day. In addition, a Reach Out Recovery video Get Help is now being shown on CNN airport TV in September, and all American Airlines flights (with TVs) worldwide during the months of September, October, and November.

Newest_ROR_Logo.png“Nothing is more devastating than to lose a child or loved one to a disease so stigmatizing you’re afraid to talk about it, and worse you don’t know how or where to seek help,” says ROR founder Leslie Glass. “And that is what is still happening with addiction. Now that Substance Use Disorder (addiction) is defined as a chronic, progressive, relapsing brain disease by the American Medical Association and American Association of Psychiatry, we can let go of our old fears and finally find real solutions as we have with every other deadly disease.”

Reach Out Recovery is committed to breaking the cycle of silence and putting recovery in the spotlight so that those hurting from the disease can find the answers and support they need.

“Addiction is both preventable and treatable, and that’s the good news,” says Glass. “Now we have to get the word out that 23 million people are in some form of recovery, proving recovery works.”

Reach Out Recovery’s comprehensive recovery platform is for everyone impacted by addiction:  parents, people in recovery, people who need answers about substances and their loved ones, addiction professionals looking for better tools to offer their patients to help them understand and cope on a daily basis.

Reach Out Recovery is a free resource, no subscription necessary. Explore the new digital gallery,  and daily online newspaper The Recovery Daily with 11 sections carefully curated from 51 news sources. Blogs from experts and those who are and have been in the trenches offer advice and inspiration. These resources and others answer questions about behaviors and drugs that are crucial to providing information that can save lives.

“We are all in this together,” continued Glass. “When my family had to walk this road, there was nowhere for me to turn to get the information I needed to make good decisions. Reach Out Recovery was created to provide unbiased information and education to serve those longing to keep their loved ones and themselves safe. By changing the perception of addiction as a disease that has to be treated and can be managed, we hope to showcase the new model of recovery that incorporates a lifetime of healthy living, treatment, and daily support.”

To see the ROR Mission video. For more information on Reach Out Recovery, visit the website at

About Reach Out Recovery

Reach Out Recovery is a non-profit organization whose mission is addiction education, prevention for children and teens, and recovery help and support for the 120 million people impacted by addiction.
Reach Out Recovery provides daily addiction and recovery news from 41 news sources. Contributors of exclusive content includes addiction professionals, recovery and healthy lifestyle coaches, authors, people in recovery and family members who have experienced addiction and the recovery journey.
Reach Out Recovery offers addiction and substance information about heroin, meth, opiates, marijuana legalization, fentanyl, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, vaping, chemical dependency, food disorders, and more.

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