Steenblock Research Institute Announces New Test To Help Insure The Success of Stem Cell Treatments

Scientists at the Steenblock Research Institute in San Clemente, California have created a laboratory test that reveals whether an individual’s blood contains appreciable amounts of specific stem cell growth inhibitors.

SRI’s founder and president, physician David A. Steenblock, said the development of this test was born on the heels of necessity:

“Many people who wanted to come to my Personalized Regenerative Medicine Clinic in San Clemente wanted some assurance that a stem cell rich bone marrow treatment would have a good chance of working. I took this issue to the researchers and stem cell biologists at my namesake nonprofit research institute who then developed a blood test that reveals whether stem cell growth inhibiting compounds exist at significant levels.”

Those who want their blood tested are asked to have a sample drawn by their doctor or a phlebotomist authorized to do this, and have this sent to Dr. Steenblock’s clinic which processes it to SRI’s laboratory.

Adds Dr. Steenblock, “Our lab then tests the blood sample to determine if it contains any stem cell growth inhibitors that will prevent or hinder the growth of stem cells. The test takes three weeks to complete and costs $500 which is not insurance reimbursable as this unique test is experimental. After the test is completed the results are sent to the person who submitted it.

“If no growth inhibitors are found in the blood specimen it means the chances of this individual having a good clinical outcome from the use of their own stem cells should be good. In instances in which inhibitors are found, the individual testee will be given an opportunity to work with our doctors to determine how to remove or counteract the effects of these, if possible.

“Those tested individuals who then opt to come to my clinic and have a bone marrow based stem cell treatment will have the $500 they paid for the blood test deducted from the cost of their stem cell treatment”

Dr. Steenblock’s wholly legal in-office stem cell treatment program was launched in 2005 and to-date over 2000 successful stem cell treatment have been done.

About David A. Steenblock, D.O., Inc.

Dr. David Steenblock and his Personalized Regenerative Medicine Clinic are both committed to and passionate about advancing medicine. They do this, in part, by creating customized treatment regimens for patients which often includes the use of stem cells and FDA approved stem cell mobilizers and activators. In addition, Dr. Steenblock brings to the table finely honed diagnostic skills as well as a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight plus the courage to explore, experiment and innovate in a private clinical setting.

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