Dr. Susana Shares Natural Solutions for Prostate Related Issues: Is Soy Really a Solution for BPH?

Dr. Susana Shares Natural Solutions for Prostate Related Issues: Is Soy Really a Solution for BPH?

Read on to learn why soy and soy isoflavones are beneficial in the prevention of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

(PRUnderground) May 19th, 2017

The soybean (Glycine max) is practically a staple in the East Asian diet. I’m Dr. Susana and I want to dive into how soy supports prostate health and why you should also include it in your diet. Soy is a protein packed alternative to meat, contributes a high number of nutrients when consumed and is a versatile food plant.

A component of soybeans, soy isoflavones have been identified as having an important role in reducing the incidence of prostate cancer and inflammation in Asian countries. Asian soy consumption can serve as one guide for Western vegetarian soy intake recommendations. There is a wide range of soy intake among Asian countries and even among regions within the same country.

Older Japanese men on average are found to consume about 40 mg of soy isoflavones a day  provided by 10-12 g of soy protein. Some example servings include a ½ cup of edamame, a ½ cup of tofu, and 1 cup of soymilk.

Soy foods help men kill two birds with one stone: meeting protein requirements while providing low levels of saturated fat. In fact, soy foods can be provided as protein-rich options. Evidence indicates that there is reduced stress on the kidneys and may be more beneficial over other proteins by reducing exercise-induced oxidation and inflammation. This means that soy protein can be useful for those who wish to increase muscle mass.

One study suggested that men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) may have lower intake of soy isoflavones that men with healthy prostates, as determined by lower prostate tissue concentrations of genistein, a very potent and natural isoflavone. Genistein levels may also correlate with the size of the prostate in BPH: men with small-volume BPH have been found to have higher levels of genistein in their prostate tissue than men with large-volume BPH.

The oil of the soybean contains approximately 300 to 400 mg of plant sterols per 100 g. These phytosterols are proven to have cholesterol-lowering activity. The oil of the soybean also contains 1-3% phospholipids. During the degumming process, phospholipids are removed from the oil and then used as a natural food emulsifier. These are polar lipids that contribute to the structure of the cell membrane.

As a naturopath, Dr. Susana recommends moderate soy intake to maximize the health benefits of soybean. Additionally, choosing a natural supplement containing soybean such as UMOOZE is recommended.

Summary of the Health Benefits of Soybean

The many health benefits of soybean include the following:
1.    Soybeans, in conjunction with Astragalus, improve prostate health and may relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, including:
a.    A weak or slow urinary stream
b.    A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying
c.    Difficulty starting urination
d.    Frequent urination
e.    Urgency to urinate
f.    Getting up frequently at night to urinate
2.    Soybeans may relieve the symptoms of menopause
3.    Soybeans may increase metabolic activity
4.    Soybeans may support a healthy weight gain
5.    Soybeans maybe help prevent osteoporosis
6.    Soybeans improve digestive and bone health
7.    Soybeans help lower cholesterol levels
8.    Soybeans may help prevent heart attacks and strokes
9.    Soybeans may help reduce the risk of insomnia and sleeping disorders

With these findings in mind, I hope you have a clearer understanding that soy should be part of your diet!

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