Barbecan Announces 6th Patent for Secure Entrance that stops Active Shooter and Terrorist Attacks

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Created to protect our Soft Targets, the Barbecan High-Traffic Secure Entrance will NOT let an armed gunman enter a building or secure area. Protection is needed at Subways, Hotels, Concerts, Malls, Theaters, Night Clubs, Stadiums, Baggage Claim & Ticket Counters, Embassies, Office Buildings, Schools...
SEATTLE - Oct. 4, 2017 - PRLog -- The High-Traffic Barbecan Secure Entrance will STOP an attacker, not just detect their weapons. When the Barbecan Secure Entrance senses a threat, it reverses direction and the potential attacker is backed-out. Weapons do not pass through. While 2nd Amendment gun control issues are being debated, the frequency of active shooter events has continued to escalate.  To prevent mass shootings like Las Vegas, Newtown, San Bernardino, Orlando, Columbine, and Virginia Tech, an "outside-the-box" solution is needed. And, it MUST support HIGH pedestrian traffic.

Operation of the Barbecan Secure Entrance is completely safe. Door panels track the position and movement of people walking through, matching their pace. If a pedestrian walks quickly, the door panels move quickly. If they walk slowly, the door panels operate slowly. It they stop, the panels stop. Having door movements synchronized with pedestrians also enables both face and mood recognition, a new capability for DHS and TSA.

If the Mandalay Bay Hotel had Secure Entrance Systems installed, those 23 guns smuggled in by the sniper would have been blocked from entering the Hotel. In recent years, other hotels have been the scene of attacks, including Mumbai in 2008 (61 killed), and Mali in 2015 (27 killed). Barbecan patents also include synchronized automatic baggage scanners for Hotel and Airport main entrances.

A greater vulnerability for the United States are Subways. See our webpage entitled "The Day After...". There are 242 subway stations in New York City alone with a daily ridership of 8.9 Million trips. While NYPD indicated an increased "Police Presence" after the recent London subway attack, a police presence will not stop determined attackers using automatic weapons and body armor. Entrance systems that truly block attackers are needed, but must also support very high pedestrian traffic at rush hour. The Barbecan Secure Entrance does just that.

After Sandy Hook in 2013, Barbecan announced their first patent and received 60,000 website visitors the first week. A flurry of media activity followed including TV spots on ABC and Discovery, and a Live Spot on Fox News. Barbecan now has 6 issued patents and more pending worldwide.

Video animations for PCs and  MACs showing patented door panel movements for the Barbecan Secure Entrance can be seen at These show a constant traffic flow, however in actual usage the system adapts to the pace of each pedestrian. Also note that the tops are sealed to prevent weapon passing, but have been removed from the animations for clarity.

Company Seeks Partner to Commercialize High-Traffic Secure Entrance System -- Over the coming months, Barbecan will be reaching out to potential partner companies to commercialize the High-Traffic Secure Entrance. These include for example:

- Security Equipment Manufacturers like Rapiscan and Smiths Detection;
- Government Contractors like L-3, Raytheon, Honeywell, BAE, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin; and
- Automatic Door Manufacturers like Stanley, Horton, Boon Edam, and Assa Abloy.

For more information on technology licensing and/or partnering opportunities, please contact us. Remember, there are more guns in the United States than people - and, they're not going away anytime soon.

Barbecan Security Systems, LLC
Bob Osann, Director

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