Squad Solar City Car launches design update with Doors and Airco options

Squad Mobility has today released the design update of her Squad Solar City Car. Most noticeable changes are two new door options; half doors for splash reduction and full doors with windows offering full weather protection. The full door version is now also offered with air-conditioning, a unique feature for a micro car of this size and price point. (The Squad starts at € 5750 ex. tax.) Besides the design update, Squad Mobility now also offers two extra pre-order options, a € 50 option and even a € 5 option for countries outside the European Union.

(PRUnderground) May 20th, 2020

Robert Hoevers: “After our media release last November we have received tremendous interest from all over the world. We have received a lot of feedback as well from consumers, MaaS operators, distributors, suppliers and investors”.


There have specifically been a lot of questions about doors. Although we like the idea of the new archetype of a Light Electric Vehicle without doors, a lot of customers reached out to us with their wish for the increased weather protection and safety aspects (theft, unauthorized use etc.) of doors. Of course we listened carefully to the valuable feedback and today we are proud to unveil our updated Squad Solar City Car range with a choice of doors and even air–conditioning for various use cases. We offer both half doors for increased safety and protection from splash water as well as full doors for full weather protection, comfort and the possibility to completely lock the car for theft prevention. Full doors also give protection from nearby exhaust emissions. We also noticed an increased demand for full doors because of the current corona crisis. Both types of doors can be quickly removed for those nice summer days.

Chris Klok, Chief of Design worked on the design update; “There are quite a few minor detail updates and some larger ones. The solar roof generates 20% more power, by using more powerful cells and increasing the solar cell area. The doors add to the feeling of safety and protection, however, we were also keen on keeping the social interaction and the feeling of freedom the open version offers. Therefore we have opted for removable doors which is a challenging but satisfying solution”.


We have added the option for air-conditioning for the warmest circumstances. Although this implies adding an extra battery for the increased energy demand. But as warmer circumstances also means more sunshine, a large part of the cooling can be powered by the increased solar energy charged, we figured this is quite an elegant solution nevertheless.

Extra pre-order options

Next to the design update, we have also added two new pre-order options. We have added a € 50 pre-order option next to the Signature versions of € 5000 and the Pioneer versions of € 500. The Signature versions are now the first 100 Squads complete with two batteries providing the maximum range of 100 km. The Pioneer versions are production numbers 101 to 1000 and the regular production pre-orders of € 50 are the production numbers over and above 1000. All pre-orders are fully refundable except for a 3% administration and payment provider fee.

Outside the EU

Although the Squad will initially be homologated for the EU market, worldwide pre-orders from outside the EU are accepted now. Because the production and delivery dates for countries outside the EU are not yet determined, the pre-order fee outside the EU is set at €5.

Distribution outside the EU will be prioritized based on the number of pre-orders from those markets.

Extra images can be found here.

About Squad Mobility

Squad Mobility is founded by Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok, two ex-Lightyear employees who share a desire to develop an affordable solar car for a large group of consumers. Together they have more than 40 years of experience in mobility, varying from scooters to motorcycles, FIA Formula E, solar cars and even flying cars.

The Squad is a 45 km/h, 2-person solar car for daily (sub)urban mobility. The Squad (Solar Quad) is already available for pre-orders. Retail price starts at around € 5750 (ex. VAT). The Squad can charge up to 20 km per day. The average micro car drives around 12 km per day. Extra range can be charged via regular power sockets or indoors with the portable and exchangeable batteries.

The Squad will be homologated in the L6e category, light 4-wheeled vehicles. A more powerful 80 km/h L7 category version will also be offered later. The Squad offers space for two passengers sitting side by side, and a storage compartment in the back. It combines the practicality of a scooter and the ease of driving a small car. A full roll cage with seat belts and 4-wheel stability offer safety for all passengers.

A Squad has a foot print of only 2 m2. Therefore, 4 Squads can be parked crosswise in one car parking space.

There are interesting cost and tax benefits in this segment. For example, there is no congestion charge, no road tax, no parking fees, low insurance fees and no car driving license needed in most markets.

The Squad is specifically developed for sharing platforms. Shared mobility users need easy access, intuitive operation and a safe, stable ride. Cities are looking for the smallest space footprint and zero emissions. Sharing platform operators appreciate the modest investment, the automatic solar charging, exchangeable batteries and high durability of the Squad.

Subscription and/or lease models will be offered next year with a target lease price of around €100 per month.

Deliveries will start in the last quarter of 2021 in the EU.

Press Contact
Name: Robert Hoevers
Phone: +31633696934
Email: squad@squadmobility.com
Website: https://www.squadmobility.com/

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