Our Founder’s Story – Healthy1 and Lifestyle Transformation

Our Founder’s Story – Healthy1 and Lifestyle TransformationPhoto by Bruno Nascimento

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Here’s how it all started.

It all started back in late June 2017, I was overweight out of shape – needless to say i needed a change. Things like this can be very depressing, I would put on a jogger suit, you know that one that feels like a pool cover. Yep, that one. I would use it in order to sweat out water weight because that’s what I thought was necessary.

Looking back, I realized how unnecessary it was and laugh because i struggled to hit my weight loss goal. Remember when you hit that goal too, sitting back and laughing at yourself, trust me it feels good to do, remember I said that, I’m doing it right now. That’s right, I am totally laughing at the fact I crushed my weight loss goals and am blowing past new ones. You can too. Anyways back to the story.

During my journey, I felt like giving up so many times. My wife was pregnant with our first child and while I was running my new supplement business, and she was gaining weight so rapidly. Who do you think made all those late night fast food runs? Of course I did, who do you think was sneaking those fries and or cookies or cinnamon twist? Yes, it was me, I’ll admit it now. So why do you think I struggled for so long?

A Transformation Journey For You

It finally took me committing to a lifestyle full of change, and that scared the heck out of me. But I got it done. I hired an accountability coach that basically held my hand through the process and motivated me to do better and finally prepare balanced meals.

What I am offering you today, this moment, I am offering you a chance to finally make a change, get that body you want, you deserve, that image we all have in our heads, we all have it trust me, I did and still do.

I promise to work harder then everyone in the room to get you to that weight loss goal. What do I mean by that? I will do what it takes, meaning time, hours, whatever it takes to make you understand, you got this and you can do it. Are you ready? I am.

What will it hurt to book a call, i mean you know you can do this, so let’s go.

Let’s get you that transformation picture already. I’ve got your back.

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