How Much Can You Earn With SwagBucks?

How Much Can You Earn With SwagBucks?Photo by Corinne Kutz

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Thanks for joining us today for our review of SwagBucks.

If you have been looking around the web for simple and effective ways to earn quick cash online, then chances are you have already heard about SwagBucks.


However, if you happen to be not that familiar with the Swagbucks platform then you’re in luck, because we will be going into some detail as to how the site works and how you can earn from it.

What we can tell you right away is that of all the reward sites we have reviewed on this website, we have found Swagbucks to be the best. We have managed to earn more on this site than any others we have tried…So sit back and let’s get started.

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What is SwagBucks, and how does it Work?

SwagBucks is an online customer loyalty platform and get-paid-to (GPT) website that allows internet users to earn cash rewards by performing specific micro-tasks.

The website, which was launched in 2008, is one of the first ever paid survey sites to emerge on the internet.

What is good is that the site is available in many countries around the world, and is continually expanding. Some of the countries in which the platform is available include the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Portugal, New Zealand, France, Germany and India.

Typically, the site offers its registered users the opportunity to earn reward points known as ‘SwagBucks’ for activities they normally do on the internet.

Once you have enough of them, you can then redeem your points for various prizes, including cash and gift cards.

How do you earn Cash on SwagBucks?

SwagBucks offers multiple income streams to its members. The most prominent ways of earning include:

– Using the SwagBucks Search Engine

You can earn redeemable reward points on SwagBucks by using its search engine to browse the internet.

The search engine is powered by Yahoo, which means that you can seek for anything under the sun with the assurance of finding reliable search results.

What is interesting is that the awarding of points is usually arbitrarily, but you should expect to receive between 6 and 10 SwagBuck points per day for using this search engine.

– Completing Surveys

Answering surveys is one of the most common ways of earning money online so unsurprisingly this income stream is also available on this platform.

Users of SwagBucks can earn redeemable points by completing surveys for various companies.

Unlike most paid survey websites that are standalone, the SwagBucks surveys section is an aggregate of numerous websites, which makes it a huge marketplace for surveys.

Completing a typical 5-minute survey on SwagBucks will earn you about 100  points or more depending on the type and complexity of the survey.

– Watching Videos

You can also earn SwagBucks on the platform by watching videos online.

These videos consist of sponsored content, meaning that you have to watch adverts and answer brief questionnaires at the end.

When you scroll through the videos section on the website, you will see thumbnails of videos tagged with the length of the video and how much they pay.

The best part is that most videos are usually short, with an average length of 2-5 minutes.

– Playing Games

If you love playing online games, then this is your chance to monetize your passion. SwagBucks offers you another great way to earn redeemable points by playing some of your favorite games online.

There are plenty of games that are featured on the site, most of which are slots-based.

The only shortcoming is that the income for playing online games is relatively low. You should expect to receive a couple of points every time you play the featured games.

– Shopping Online

You can earn plenty of reward points by shopping online through SwagBucks.

SwagBucks is in partnership with dozens of reputable online merchants to offer its members huge discounts and rebates every time you shop with your favorite retailer via this platform.

Most retailers, including Amazon and eBay, will award you as much as 50 points for shopping online via SwagBucks. This allows you to earn and save on your purchases as well.

– Making Referrals

Like most GPT websites, SwagBucks has a reasonable refer-a-friend scheme. You can take advantage of this program to increase your earnings significantly by simply inviting your friends and family.

The program promises to pay you as much as 1000 points ($10) for inviting a friend to join. Your invitee must sign up via your link or code for you to receive your referral earnings.

How to get started on SwagBucks

Signing up on SwagBucks is fast, simple and 100% free. You only need to fill the registration form on the website with your details, including your email address and password.

The platform is available worldwide, but you have to confirm whether it is available in your country by checking the website. This means that you can sign up from anywhere without worrying about geographical restrictions.

As an incentive the website awards new users a bonus for signing up, which is currently 500 points ($5).

Once you complete the registration process, you can start earning rewards effortlessly by simply browsing  your dashboard for available opportunities.

So what makes SwagBucks different?

Before joining, SwagBucks seems like any other GPT website available on the internet.

However, Swagbucks does stand out, as not only offers multiple income streams, but also has (for this kind of site) very lucrative rewards. Comparatively, most GPT sites seem to offer very little as far as earnings are concerned. However, this is not the case with SwagBucks.

Another significant difference is that SwagBucks has been in existence for ages (more than 10 years).

The company has withstood the test of time while other online platforms have barely survived the highly competitive nature of the internet.

How much can you earn on SwagBucks?

Although SwagBucks offers lucrative opportunities, it is important to note that this platform is not a get-richquick scheme. Essentially, it will not replace your regular job.

You need to work hard and dedicate most of your spare time to create a steady passive income with SwagBucks.

Nevertheless, one thing remains certain. SwagBucks has a great earning potential compared to other GPT sites, thanks to the many available income-earning opportunities.

You are likely to earn most SwagBucks by completing surveys, which can pay as much as 500 points (equivalent of $5).

Apart from completing surveys, you can also increase your earnings effortlessly by browsing the web, watching videos, and playing games online. These activities can earn you up to 800 points ($8) every day.

You can also take advantage of the SwagBucks cashback features and earn extra cash when shopping online.

Cashing out

You can easily redeem your accumulated SwagBuck points for PayPal cash or various gift cards from major retailers including Amazon, Starbucks, WalMart, eBay, and Olive Garden.

The minimum amount required in order to request a payout is $25. You may also donate your earnings to charity if you wish.

What is good is that the processing of payments is almost immediate. However, in case of any delays, you should expect your payout within 24 hours after submitting a withdrawal request.

What are the Pros and Cons of SwagBucks?


– Legitimate site

SwagBucks is a reliable and well-established website that accepts applicants from all over the world. The site has enjoyed a good reputation for over a decade with new members joining every day. Also, it
offers a legitimate way to earn passive income online.

– Multiple revenue streams

SwagBucks offers its members plenty of ways to earn redeemable reward points. You can earn points easily by completing simple tasks such as taking surveys, playing games, or even watching videos.

– Free sign up process

The sign-up process is 100% free.  Also, SwagBucks offers new members an attractive sign-up bonus of $5 just for joining. With such attractive incentives, it is not surprising that SwagBucks is one of the largest GPT sites available today in terms of membership.

– High Payouts

Besides the multiple revenue streams, SwagBucks offers very high payments compared to its competitors. You can potentially earn as much as $8 every day just for doing simple tasks. Also, the SwagBucks referral program pays as much as $10 per referral.

– Cashback Shopping

SwagBucks works with hundreds of reputable merchants to offers a sound cashback shopping experience to its members. The cashback feature allows you to earn cash for shopping online, subsequently saving a lot of money on your grocery expenses.

– Fast Processing of Payments

Payments on this platform are almost instant, and they do not take more than 24 hours in case of a delay. Also, you can either cash out using PayPal or exchange your points for exciting gift card rewards.


– High cashout threshold

The cashout amount is relatively high ($25).

Final Word – Is SwagBucks Worth Joining?

SwagBucks is undoubtedly one of the biggest and well-established GPT sites on the web.

The platform positions itself as the go-to option for freelancers seeking to build a steady income online.

With plenty of opportunities to earn rewards, this platform is undoubtedly one of the most reliable ways to make extra bucks easily online. We recommend you sign up and  start earning easy cash online using SwagBucks.

Star Rating 4/5-A reputable and long standing GPT site that remains as one of the leaders in the industry.

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