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Ignorance is the most fertile soil for the powerful weed of hatred. Tip the scale and start learning.

LONDON, LONDON, CITY OF, UNITED KINGDOM, October 3, 2020 / -- In today’s confusing times the word learning is gradually gaining respect within Curious Earthlings’ circles.
The international, generally religion-based, and fundamentally racist power struggle has gradually shifted and reduced to overcharged landmines on national soils, like the bitter aftermath of a poorly digested dinner at a table without invitation. However, like everything, crushing a party has its hidden or rather obvious consequences.
Mirroring it in everyday existence the picture is bleak. In order to fulfil their ego-generated desire to oppress and rule, the leaders’ of the countries with self-appointed supremacy, sowed the seeds of hatred into the minds of millions to gain support for their wargames.

Hatred is a strong, surviving weed that takes a lot of courage, information and focused self-searching to kill. If it is not grabbed and destroyed in time, by pulling even the last bit of the root, in favourable soil it will happily grow again, destroying the body, mind and spirit on the way.
Why is it that taming earthlings to hate is so easy? The reason is ignorance. Without adequate information fear sets in, and triggers the mind to produce unfavourable feelings and stories to justify it. Hence feeding the poisonous plant.

Similarly to hate, ignorance has no boundaries. They are both attached to the source, the mind from which they derive. The very moment dislike settles in, all the other functions, feelings and thoughts will be affected, using them as carriers to spread. They cannot be put into a cage. They become uncontrollable reflexes, building sleeping bonfires and landmines, waiting for the switch to explode.

One of the side effects of ignorance is the strong illusion of omnipotence. For an empty mind, there is nothing to see. Therefore the delusion is justified. However, even if they are not observed, history, facts, feelings and events are still there.
According to AKIA Philosophy®, wars are always fought for knowledge and initiated by ignorant. It is a clever observation.
What are this knowledge and learning? Where to find them?

They have nothing to do with schooling, certificates and degrees. As a result of learning, knowledge can only be obtained by fulfilling the curiosity of an agile mind. However, this statement presents a catch 22 situation, for curiosity is based on some kind of information, otherwise, there is no subject to pursue. On the other hand, collecting information is the result of interest.

Learning is the most essential part of the unique purpose in life. It is the searching for the happiness state of mind.
Why white supremacy brings joy to many? Deep down, there are two basic streams in the background: the first is fear and the second is shame. Fear is an illusion and it feeds on ignorance, the ignorance of not knowing what comes next. Shame is the result of a past event or a series of events. It also is an illusion, for it cannot change the past, it states the presence of an unsolved situation. One of the benefits of learning is the realisation that the past also has to be learned from, and solved. Otherwise, being in the present would put obstacles for the future.

Whatever happened in the past, it shouldn’t bring shame and guilt or the feeling victorious into the present, for the event mirrors the momentary emotional and mental intelligence of the parties involved. By learning, the lessons of the past are implemented into the present and aid the future. Learning would also stop the success of the greatest conspiracies, cooked up by ignorant earthlings against mankind at large, by keeping the weed of hatred, fear and guilt alive in their minds.
There is a free book to aid your learning. Take advantage of it and start your journey towards a clearer and happier future.

Have a nice life!

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