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We all know that COVID-19 has put a huge strain on businesses and the global economy. If you run a business, you want to make sure that your business doesn’t slow down anymore. You want to run your business as usual for as long as the pandemic and lockdowns prolong.

So what do you do? You need to consider digital advertising to promote your company.

As more people across the globe spend time on the internet, this is the perfect opportunity to promote your brand.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you understand the importance of digital advertising during the pandemic. You’ll also learn how to use digital advertising to reach your audience during this trying time.

The Guide to Digital Advertising During the Coronavirus Pandemic

You want to first make sure you follow the basics of marketing during COVID-19. You want to update your Google My Business listing, inform your clients of any changes to your business due to the pandemic—such as slower shipping times, longer wait times for customer service, etc.

Once that’s done, here’s what you need to know to thrive during this time:

Be Empathetic

The pandemic and lockdowns have taken a toll on people. Confident citizens across the globe are feeling an unprecedented sense of anxiety.

You want to show them empathy. While your brand may not always make comments on trends, news, or national disasters—you cannot afford not to during this time. You want to let them know that you understand the difficulty they must be facing due to the pandemic.

You want to assure them that your company will still be functioning and offering your products/services to them. You want to give the impression that you are here to lend a helping hand during the pandemic.

You also want to avoid sounding commercially exploitative at this time. For example, the notable Irish beer brand Guinness didn’t showcase their usual St. Patrick’s Day advertisements. Instead, they shared content that had a message of wellbeing.

Direct Communication

Wherever possible, use direct communication in your digital advertising approach. As we have to self-isolate, many people across the globe are feeling lonelier than ever.

Now is the time to promote your brand through direct messages on Facebook and Instagram. Now is the time to make live streams on Facebook, Instagram, or on your brand’s YouTube channel.

This way, your audience can chat and engage with your brand as you put out your message.

You want to show your clients that you aren’t trying to be socially-distant on the web. There’s enough social distancing in the physical world. The virtual world has become a respite for communication and your brand should make efforts to engage with its clients.

Positive Messaging

This returns to what we discussed in Point #1. Your audience is filled with negative messages on a daily basis. There is constant fear hurled at them by the mainstream media. They need a break from this.

Your brand can provide this break for them. Your digital advertising content should provide positive messaging. If you can, inject a bit of humor into your content. Do what you can to alleviate the anxiety and fear everyone is experiencing.

If your brand is able to create anything that is able to specifically fight against the virus, you should promote this. If you can sell masks, make sure you promote this.

Even if it is not relevant, you can create digital advertising that offers tips to be safe during the pandemic. In all of your messaging, you should encourage everyone to stay positive.

Advertise Your Adaptation

The pandemic is putting businesses to the test. Some businesses will fail and never recover due to the pandemic. Your business will have to adapt in order to survive.

Your clients and potential clients will want to know if/how you are adapting to the pandemic. Those brands that cannot adapt might lose otherwise-loyal clients, even if they survive after the pandemic ends.

You want to show your clients how you are adapting during the virus. If you ship products, for example, you want to ensure clients that your warehouse is maintaining hygenic standards.

If you have a physical business that requires customers to come in, you want to ensure customers that precautions have been taken to ensure safety. You want to show that you are following the guidelines of your jurisdiction and that it remains “business as usual.”

You also want to think ahead. Just as you meticulously prepared for adapting to the pandemic and lockdowns, you want to think about planning for the future. You want to tell your customers how you are planning for the future.

Be Truthful

The pandemic has brought multitudes of opinions on the virus. Regulations and guidelines on content are increasing. You want to make sure that your digital advertising adheres to these guidelines.

For example, if you offer your customers advice on how to be safe make sure this is advice taken from leading epidemiologists and not from a layman. False and shady advertising is never acceptable but customers will be especially discerning during this time.

If there is any doubt about the credibility of your brand during this time, you can lose the loyalty of your customers.

If you are unsure of the content you are putting out, have it checked by others. If you cannot understand certain facts or data then you can exclude this information from your digital advertising altogether. Don’t unnecessarily jump on trends if you cannot understand the facts.

Focus On Content

More people will be consuming content during the pandemic. A major aspect of your digital advertising strategy should be creating an abundance of content.

Now is the time to publish your blog posts more frequently. Now is the time to create video content or even a podcast. As we are all in self-isolation, we need to engage and be entertained. Your content can be the respite for your clients and potential clients.

Keep Growing

Now that you know the guidelines for digital advertising during the Coronavirus pandemic, you can keep growing your brand. Make sure to follow these rules and share them with your fellow entrepreneurs.

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