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EUGENE, OREGON, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2020 / -- We all know that dysfunction is an on-going worldwide problem. I have written three books to teach people how to overcome Alcoholism, Mental Illness, and Drug Addiction.

1. Mental Illness Heal Yourself
2. COMI: How to Consciously Overcome Mental Illness
3. Invasion Revealed: Healing Alcoholism, Mental Illness & Drug Addiction

These books are available on Amazon in all formats.

There are millions of people across the world who are suffering from these problems right now. We all know that taking a pill or other medicines does not heal these illnesses.

I remember watching a television show where a middle-aged man was being tried for murder, and the jury found him guilty. After the verdict was read, the man said out loud in disbelief, “I would not have done that!”

This seems to imply that something other than him-Self caused this heinous deed, which he did commit, but he knew in his heart that murder was not an act he would consciously choose. This man knew that some unseen force within him had caused him to commit this act when he was under the influence of drugs and not in his right mind.

We wonder why our teenagers suddenly shoot to kill their fellow classmates in schools when they seem to be perfectly normal teenagers. We have lived with our blinders on long enough. It’s time for the parents of the world to wake up and understand the importance of the role they play in teaching their little children to LOVE themselves while they are little. If parents would begin to teach SELF-LOVE to their children, these children would grow up so full of love, the world would be transformed into a loving place rather than the chaos we are living with today. We are failing to teach our little children to love themselves, so they have no love to give to others. Instead, they look to others to give them the love they lack, but others have none to give them either. Without SELF-LOVE, we are like empty vessels. This lack of Self-Love creates multiple problems in the world. (The divorce rate is huge.)

The opposite of Love is hate, and when hate overshadows Love, we experience chaos in the world. When the world balance is more hateful than loving in our individual and collective daily thinking, we experience hunger, lack, death, pestilence, fires, tidal waves, and earthquakes, such as we are experiencing right now on earth. We may lose our home suddenly. We will face unseen forces at work such as COVID-19 that destroy and kill, such as what is now plaguing the earth. Misuse of our own mental energy and lack of Self-Love is creating this present world mess.

When we individually become more hateful than loving, it opens a mental door that allows an unseen element to enter our individual mental space and control us in ways we would never choose to be controlled, just like the man who committed murder, but said, “I would not have done that!” And just like the teenager who kills his fellow students. This is unseen evil (or hate) at work using our bodies to carry out their heinous deeds.

Many years ago, I experienced several years of depression. As a wife and mother of four children, I was devastated when my son Michael was killed in an automobile accident. He had just turned 18. I blamed myself and thought I had been a very bad mother. You just don’t lose your children. So, I blamed myself, probably directed a lot of hate inward, and I became mentally ill as a result. After 8 years of pills, counseling, doctors, AA meetings, and no progress being made toward recovery, I painted my fingernails bright red one day trying to remember whose life I was trying to save. The noise in my mind was like a blaring radio all the time. I could hear voices screaming at me from within. The counselors and doctors had already failed to heal me. So, that day I sat down on my couch, put my hands over my eyes to block out the light and looked inward. I said, “What the hell is going on in here?” I saw five ghost-like creatures moving around in my mental space. When they saw me looking at them, they scurried to the edges of my mental space and my mind went black, but I had seen them. I instantly knew they had invaded my mental space, and they were screaming at me to commit suicide.

Jesus called them demons or evil spirits. They can only be seen by looking inward, and not everyone can look inward successfully. I could see them very clearly. Now, as a shamanic practitioner, I not only have seen them in myself; I can also see them and extract them from my clients during Soul Retrievals. Demons can penetrate the outer edges of our individual luminous energy field when we become more hateful than loving in our thinking, especially our thinking about SELF. Thinking Love creates Light in your mental space; thinking hate creates darkness where demons can enter your individual space.
I realized how much hate I had directed at my-SELF after losing Michael, so I began to consciously reverse my thinking to “I LOVE MYSELF.” It took me eight months of thinking SELF-LOVE daily to turn my mental energy around and get well. I eventually became more well than I had ever been before. My mind became so peaceful, I wondered if anything at all was going on in here. As a child, my mother had taught me NOT to love myself. She said you just love other people, but now yourself. Her misteaching almost cost me my life after my son’s death. Mother died of Alzheimer’s.

The books I have written on healing dysfunction will teach you how to become more well than you have ever been in your life. If everyone would begin to love themselves, there would be no more alcoholism, depression, or drug addiction on earth. Our jails and our mental institutions would close. Our world would be transformed.

Demons are not imaginary. This world is full of dysfunctional people. Demons want to steal our energy so darkness and evil can reign on earth. What is the answer? Thinking the word LOVE produces LIGHT in your mental space. Demons cannot live in the LIGHT, so by thinking SELF-LOVE continuously, you drive out your demons and protect your own mental space from their invasion. On a scale of 0 – 100 percent, your level of SELF-LOVE CONSCIOUSLY must reach at least 51 percent for you to be well. Just think, no more alcoholism, no more depression, no more drug addiction, just by thinking SELF-LOVE every day of your life. If you doubt what I have said, try it. You’ll like it. It works better than any pill you will ever take.

My books are available on Amazon. Thinking Self-Love will heal your addictions. If we collectively shift our Self-hatred to Self-Love worldwide, COVID-19 would disappear. Self-Love is the answer to chaos in your life and in this world.

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