How Bitcoin, Snapchat and Dunkin Continue to Succeed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Bullish

I’m back bringing my no-BS business thoughts from TIkTok to the YouTube scene with another episode of No Bull with Zaid. In this episode, I take a closer look at what’s going on with Bitcoin, Snapchat and Dunkin. Honestly, I feel like I stepped into a time machine and landed back in 2017 before filming this episode because Bitcoin and Snapchat are having major gains. 

Here’s a breakdown of what I covered this episode: Bitcoin Hits $13,000

Yes, you read that right. Bitcoin is having a great month and hitting levels we haven’t seen since that crash in late 2017. While Bitcoin isn’t at peak prices just yet, it definitely looks like it’s on track to getting there if this momentum continues. This slow but steady rise is due in part to the cryptocurrency’s increase in legitimacy among major financial institutions. Three major companies that have given Bitcoin the stamp of approval include PayPal, Square Cash App and J.P. Morgan. Yep, even banks are getting behind Bitcoin. And the fact that of all banks, J.P. Morgan is giving Bitcoin some love is crazy to me. Literally just 3 years ago, J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a “fraud” and threatened to fire any employees who were trading it. This just goes to show that Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere. It will only increase demand — and prices — as more and more financial companies start to back them. I legitimately think crypto is going to have a huge impact on the worldwide financial sectors. I’ve always been a big fan of Bitcoin, and I’m excited to see the cryptocurrency continue to grow (and not just for the memes). 

Snapchat Hits All-Time Highs

Bitcoin isn’t the only company making me feel like I’m back in 2017 — Snapchat is soaring to all-time highs. This is huge news considering Snapchat has had a rough go since IPO-ing in 2017. The company never really shot up from their IPO price. This was mainly due to Facebook stealing Snapchat’s best and anchoring feature: stories. While everyone (and the markets) thought Snapchat was dead after this, CEO Evan Spiegel didn’t let this get to him and continued to innovate on the platform. Now, Snapchat is a leading company in augmented reality and continues to add new users nearly every quarter. The company also has invested in original programming. Snapchat Discover has over 100 million viewers (that’s even more than Netflix). What some may have seen as a setback back in 2017, Snapchat saw as a new opportunity to come into their own as a company. I have major respect for CEO Evan Spiegel — how many 30 year olds can say they did that? 

Dunkin Sells for $9 Billion? 

Dunkin has been one of the few companies to succeed during the pandemic, especially in the coffee industry. The coffee company has capitalized on the recent struggles of local coffee shops trying to keep their doors open and adapt to the world of online ordering. Unlike smaller, local shops, Dunkin has invested heavily into digital infrastructure, with efficiently run curbside pick-up, online ordering and drive-throughs already in place. Now, Inspire Brands, a restaurant operator backed by investment firm Roark Capital, is in talks to buy out Dunkin for $9 billion. Dunkin stock trading was already seeing all-time highs, but the stock went up even more after the Inspire Brands news broke. Dunkin is an established strong brand with loyal customers and a dominating social media presence. We’ll see if Inspire Brands can take Dunkin to the next level. 

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Bullish is excited to launch our new Youtube series with social media storyteller and TikTok star Zaid Admani. No Bull with Zaid explains market trends, changes in technology and what moves major companies are making next – but  without all the BS. Zaid tells it how it is, explaining exactly what you need to know and why.

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