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LVMH latest addition for $15.8B Tiffany & Co. made the most of the Haidinger’s Brush, an illusion turning blue into gold as unveiled in The Science of Colors.

The Haidinger’s Brush occurs on a clear sky, when the retina is turning the overwhelming blue light into gold. Displaying Tiffany jewelry with the distinctive blue background is brilliant, literally.”— Prof. Diana Derval, PhD, Chair of DervalResearchPARIS, FRANCE, October 29, 2020 / -- LVMH luxury group latest addition for $15.8 billion Tiffany & Co. made the most of the Haidinger’s Brush, optical illusion turning blue into gold. One of the many insights unveiled in the new online course The Science of Colors proposed by DervalResearch on by Springer Nature.

LVMH sealed the Tiffany & Co. deal for nearly $16 billion. The coveted legendary brand got famous for its romantic jewelry but mostly also for its Tiffany Blue, aka Pantone 1837 - named after the year of foundation. Unknowingly, the brand harnessed a powerful optical phenomenon turning blue into gold: the Haidinger’s Brush.

Researcher in sensory perception, Prof. Diana Derval, PhD, Chair of DervalResearch and Springer Nature author explains “The Haidinger’s Brush occurs especially on a clear sky, when the macula in the center of the retina is turning part of the overwhelming blue light into gold. Displaying Tiffany jewelry with the distinctive blue background is brilliant, literally.”

Not all people are subject to this illusion, but Vikings for instance used it for navigation purposes as the gold highlights the magnetic field of earth. Prof. Derval also inventor of the Derval Color Test sensation, taken by over 10 million people worldwide to assess their vision of color nuances confirms “During our field research, it was noticed that subjects who liked shiny objects could distinguish fewer shades of yellow but were more likely to be subject to the Haidinger’s Brush. They also saw the famous dress gold instead of blue.”

The Tiffany blue case is one of the many insights concentrated in The Science of Colors course, that finally provides scientific answers to questions like:
- Why do some people prefer blue to red?
- How come some people prefer matte over shiny?
- Why do some people stick to black and white?
- What makes Louboutin shoes and sportscars so popular?
- Can everybody perceive virtual reality and 3D?

Illustrated with anecdotes, real business cases (from fashion, packaging, gaming, automotive), and fun yet clear scientific explanations, the course guides marketers, designers, product managers, and innovators in developing clever product and customer experience strategies.

The Science of Colors course comes in a micro-learning Espresso 45mn format + certificate for $35 and iversity offers special packages for corporations and academia.

“If you would like to find out what Zara, light physics, eye physiology, Louboutin, Red bull and Tiffany (among others) have in common, sign up for the on-line course “The Science of Colors” by Professor Diana Derval. Diana Derval’s expertise will help you to grasp basic concepts as of how the eye and the brain work to process colors and shapes that lead to brand recognition, product preference and ultimately, the desired consumer experience. She makes the whole subject extremely approachable and relatable by combining the basics of physics, cell physiology, product design and marketing with examples of brands and products that we all can relate to or are familiar with. Needless to say, a pleasure hearing her insights and learning so much in only 45 minutes. Whether you are a marketer, a product developer or designer, this webinar is definitely a “Must”: extensive subject matter coverage, high quality relevant content and insightful actionable learnings.”
- Dr Juan Luis Rossi, Director Marketing EMEA New Categories at Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions GmbH

“Very happy for completing and obtaining a certificate from DervalResearch on the Science of Colors: from Product to Experience Design. Thank you Prof. Diana Derval for the wonderful experience! I recommend this course for those interested in product management and consumer psychology.”
- Dr Abdulelah Al-Thagafi, Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Business and Technology, Jeddah, KSA

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